Q1 Where are the events?
ECC Junior has classrooms all over Japan in large cities and in local neighborhoods.
Please see Contact Information for your nearest ECC Junior Native Section.
Q2 What is the pay for ECC Junior events?
ECC Junior Events -- \3,000/hr. or \21,000/day (7 hrs. of work)
ECC Junior reimburses transportation for all events.
Q3 What are the work hours?
Depending on the program, ECC Junior events could range from 2 hrs. to 7 hrs. of work.
Q4 Does ECC Junior offer visa sponsorship?
ECC Junior offers part-time, occasional work; therefore we cannot offer visa sponsorship.
Q5 What are the job qualifications?
Applicant must be non-Japanese citizens from countries where English is the mother tongue.
Applicants must also possess valid visas. Cultural or Tourist visas are not acceptable.
Q6 How do I apply?
Please apply at your local ECC Junior Native Section. See Contact Information for the center nearest you.