Member of Japan Association for the Promotion
of Foreign Language Education

By Education, Through Communication, and For Community

ECC is dedicated to being one of the leading educational institutes in Japan, and to providing a system of quality, lifelong education. It is our belief that a broad education should be more than an end in itself, that it can be the basis of increased international communication. It is our hope and conviction that through communication among the peoples of the world we will be able to help foster a richer local, national, and global community spirit, and thereby contribute to world peace and to a better tomorrow for everyone.

Words from the President of ECC
The Spirit of ECC
  • There is no limit of man's capabilities. Do search for all possibilities.
  • It is losers who wait for tomorrow. It is winners who bet their life on the present moment.
  • When we challenge the upper limit of our possibilities, God will surely smile upon us.
  • Without happiness among people all over the world, no individual can be happy.One must contribute to creating peace on earth.
ECC is growing
in all parts of Japan
ECC operates various technical and college/university preparatory schools, as well as foreign language schools, in major cities throughout Japan. ECC's Department of Junior/BS Classrooms has branches from Hokkaido to Okinawa, thus expanding the ECC nationwide educational system.
 Steady and Remarkable Development
The remarkable growth of ECC is a result of the confidence that society has in us because we seek true education. We will steadily grow as a comprehensive educational organization devoted to producing international human resources.

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