By Education Through Communication, And For Community


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ECC - The concepts and meaning

By Education
ECC offers quality Education
Through Communication
Through Communication we achieve mutual understanding
For the Community
With understanding we can achieve a peaceful, prosperous Community

ECC hopes to enhance its position as a corporate citizen by becoming a leading and unique comprehensive lifelong educational institution in Japan.
The first step we should take in this age of global society is to start with "Education". As countries become more tightly entwined, without education it would be impossible for all people to stand on an equal basis. Education allows us to communicate freely and smoothly. Without a common language there can be no true understanding among individuals, hindering the attainment of lasting world peace. There are reasons for our striving to teach and learn foreign languages.
With this in mind, ECC is moving forward in order to realize a better tomorrow, a better future, and a better society for all humankind.

ECC Foreign Language Institute