General Information


ECC Founding Philosophy

It is our goal through the teaching of foreign languages, to contribute to the development of our students' capabilities, international awareness and leadership qualities. In this way, we hope to promote more interaction and understanding among the peoples of the world, thus helping to contribute to world peace.

Message from the Chairman

ECC was founded, in 1962, by the late Mr. Isamu Yamaguchi, when he was 22 years old, in Sumiyoshi, Osaka. Since its founding, ECC has strived to offer quality language education to customers. We believe that only effective language training can win the hearts of students, which leads to a good reputation, as well as being a sound basis for growth. In order to sell "English Conversation," we must offer lessons that satisfy our students' needs. To achieve student satisfaction, we have standards set forth for our teachers. Only those teachers who meet our strict criteria can be hired. Furthermore, all new teachers (employees) must go through intense training before being placed in front of students, because we believe that only high quality lessons can attract customers' hearts and gain their trust. In addition to this, we have prepared a solid student support system so as to create a good study environment. Only those teachers who can think of students first and who can be there for the students first, are assigned to our classes. We never forget that educating our own employees is the key to success in this business field.

ECC has its "Founding Philosophy" through which we hope to become more than just a place that offers techniques and skills. The philosophy has been, from our beginning, the basis of our existence.

Also, in order to realize the tenets of the "ECC Founding Philosophy," we have been active in our charity drive, the "ECC Save the Earth Campaign,” both inside and outside ECC, so that we can return some portion of our profit to various communities, as well as contribute to society as a whole.

"To offer quality education to everyone" has been our mission since our establishment. Therefore, ECC has run its business operations focusing equally on both management (50%) and education (50%), creating a healthy balance between the two. ECC is trying to return our appreciation to the community in a variety of ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility is something we should have as a company, and we are therefore reevaluating the "ECC Founding Philosophy" from many angles. ECC is moving ahead, together with the spirit of this philosophy, making it a company tradition. In order to reflect this tradition in our corporate activities, we have drawn up the "Compliance Guidelines" and the "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics,” We have established a committee comprised of ECC board members to further disseminate these rules and guidelines to all members of ECC. Until all of these rules and guidelines are firmly rooted in every employee's mind, I will take the lead.

Katsumi Yamaguchi Chairman ECC Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

The mission of the ECC Group is to develop human resources mainly in terms of language, so that they can not only survive the turbulent times ahead, but also play a more active role in society than ever before.

We are now facing the problem of COVID-19, which affects all of humanity, and our lifestyles and sense of values are about to change drastically. Education has basically been conducted in an analog way, but we are now faced with the big challenge of how to incorporate digital technology into this way of education. The key is how to implement what is known as DX (Digital Transformation). We, the ECC Group, will continue to improve the learning outcomes of our students by effectively incorporating digital technology into our original ("analog") education system.

We will continue to keep a close eye on changes in the social environment as we move forward as a company that is more responsive to the times. Nevertheless, we will continue to adhere to our core learning systems and content, which we have been consistently cultivating since the establishment of ECC. We promise that we will always be pursuing the essence of education.

Masahiro Hanabusa President ECC Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name ECC Co., Ltd.
Address 1-10-20 Higashi-Temma Kita-ku Osaka 530-0044 JAPAN
Chairman Katsumi Yamaguchi
President Masahiro Hanafusa
Established June 1962
Registered January 1975
Capital 45 million yen
Business Profile

As the largest institution providing lifelong education in Japan, ECC offers wide range of educational services and programs:

  • ECC Foreign Language Institute(188 schools)
  • ECC International Study Abroad Division(8 offices)
  • ECC Airline Institute (24 schools)
  • ECC Online English
  • ECC WEB School
  • ECC Global Communication Senka (12 schools)
  • ECC Corporate Relations Division and ECC Children’s Education Services
    (8 offices)
  • ECC Junior and ECC Branch Schools(16,474 classrooms)
  • ECC BestOne (154 schools)
  • ECC English Prep School (3 schools)
  • ECC Institute for University Transfer(4 schools)
  • ECC High School and High School Learning Center (3 schools)
  • ECC Japanese Language School (2 schools)
  • ECC Business School (Online school)
  • ECC e-Commerce Center (Online Shop)
  • ECC Private After-school Day-care Centers(1 school)
Overseas Partners 400 affiliated schools such as colleges, universities and vocational institutions in USA, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, China, Taiwan and Korea.
Partners ECC Best Career (Recruitment and Dispatch Services)
ECC Foreign Language Institute of The Philippines Inc.(Online English)
ECC School of Global Communication Inc.(Study abroad program in The Philippines)
Sister Corporations
  • Yamaguchi School Foundation
  • ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages
  • ECC Computer College
  • ECC Artist College

School Location (in Japanese)

Extra Activities

ECC Save-the-Earth Campaign

Since 1969, the ECC Save the Earth campaign has provided donations of more than US $ 4.8 million to various worthy causes and organizations that support those in need.
These organizations include UNICEF, the Chernobyl Foundation, as well as institutions supporting natural disaster relief, refugee assistance, reforestation projects, and both AIDS and cancer research.

Who at the end of World War II could have imagined Japan as it is today?
Today, Japan not only enjoys the benefits of a democratic government but also one of the world's highest standards of material wealth. When we look back at the poverty Japanese experienced at the end of the war, and realize how fortunate we are today, we cannot help but wish to do something for those suffering from poverty in other parts of the world. Japan was able to attain its present level of prosperity due to the assistance of the United States of America at the end of the war.
ECC believes that it is the duty and responsibility of both the government and people of Japan to offer whatever assistance is necessary to relieve the suffering of those in need throughout the world.
Since 1979 ECC has been the driving force behind this charity campaign.
Since 1987 ECC has been contributing to organizations involved in the fight against one of mankind's worst enemies, AIDS.
ECC will continue to do so until this disease has been eradicated.
From time to time, ECC makes donations to worthwhile charities.
One such charity is the Save-the-Earth Campaign.

All Japan Youth English Oratorical Contest for the Mayor of Honolulu Trophy

ECC realizes that today's youth will play a leading role in the international society of the future. Therefore, ECC offers young people an opportunity through the Oratorical Contest to examine and consider the various problems that Japan and the world must face today. The All Japan Youth English Oratorical Contest for the Mayor of Honolulu Trophy was conceived of by the late Mr. Yamaguchi, founder of ECC, back in the 1960s. After a series of hard negotiations with various people and organizations, such as the City of Honolulu, Hawaii, the City of Hiroshima, Japan and other distinguished sponsors, the contest finally materialized in 1971. Since then, ECC has provided young people the opportunity to think of ways to cope with various problems facing mankind today, and at the same time improve their ability in English as they discuss various topics with others. Every year we hold this Oratorical Contest with the cooperation of the City of Honolulu, Hawaii, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, the Osaka Municipal and Prefectural Boards of Education, and other sponsors.