Employee Recruitment

Message from staff

Our teachers are those who can think of students first, and who can be there for the students every step of the way helping them to meet their goals.

ECC strives to offer the highest quality language education to customers. We believe that through effective language training we can win the hearts of students, contributing further to our good reputation and offering a sound basis for continued growth. To achieve student satisfaction we have set forth high standards for our teachers. Only those candidates who meet our strict criteria are hired.
Furthermore, all new recruits go through intense training before being placed in the classroom.

ECC Foreign Language Institute

The ECC Foreign Language Institutes division is the flagship of the ECC Group.
Since the establishment of our first school over 50 years ago, we have experienced steady growth and now have more than 180 campuses throughout Japan.
ECC strives to promote a spirit of multiculturalism represented by a team of 15 different nationalities with over 400 native English speakers.

ECC Junior

ECC Junior programs involve teaching English to Japanese children between the ages of 2 and 15.
ECC Junior classrooms are unlike conventional classroom settings; they are a chain of franchise schools located in the homes of our Home Teachers throughout Japan.
In addition to Home Teacher classrooms, we have English programs that cater to the educational needs of various kindergartens and elementary schools, as well as ongoing ECC Junior-sponsored English events.
If you enjoy teaching children and would like a change from the routine classroom setting of teaching English, please take a look at our website for more information about become a member of our team.

ECC Children's Education Section

ECC Children's Education Section sends trained, professional native English speakers to approximately 1,700 kindergartens and elementary schools in Japan.
We provide these schools with a fun and educational English program.
Many principals and parents have expressed great satisfaction, noting that our lessons are "enjoyable for children".

ECC Corporate Relations Division

The Corporate Relations Division (CRD) of ECC was established in 1985 to meet the needs of the corporate and academic sectors' language education.
Company classes encompass language and business skills. University classes offer a unique experience for teachers to work with large groups of students.
As classes take place on the clients' premises, teachers need to be able to work independently and communicate effectively with our Education and Personnel Sections.

ECC Best Career

ECC BEST CAREER is the outsourcing / dispatching division of ECC. We specialize in dealing with public school boards in the Kansai area. We send Assistant Language Teachers to senior high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools. From time to time, we also have contracts with kindergartens, private schools and colleges, and other types of jobs.