Student Recruitment

Many students choose study here bacause they know they can trust ECC.

  • Various courses from full-time to private lessons.
  • Course duration ranges from five weeks to two years.
  • 100% success rate in going on to higher education.
  • All students are highly motivated and working towards success.
  • Communicate with ECC Japanese classmates in Japanese.
ECC Japanese Language Institute

Over view

Japanese language in classes:

  • Communicate with multinational classmates in a Japanese full-immersion environment
  • Teachers are all native Japanese speakers

Lesson Specifics:

  • 4 lessons a day; 5 days a week
  • 20-30 textbooks a year

The highest level language study:

  • Homework daily
  • Daily kanji and vocabulary quizzes
  • Weekly grammar tests
  • Term exams every 3 months

Student Interview

It's been almost a month since you arrived in Japan. What are your impressions so far?
Takashi: My mother is Japanese, so I came to Japan many times already. There are many differences between Japan and my home country Italy in terms of culture, life style, etc., that I think really interests us. Eleonora: Before I came to Japan, I heard about Japan from Takashi. I was told that Japan is very beautiful country and Japan has its special culture. The most impressive for me is that Japanese is very polite and they do not like to make mistakes. In Italy, we think making mistakes is not a big matter. Actually, we do not care about that at all.
Why did you decide to study at ECC?
Takashi & Eleonora: When we found the language school in Japan, we checked several of them in Kyushu and Tokyo etc. But we didn't want to live in crowded city, and so to live comfortably we decided to live in Nagoya. And also, my friend is living in Nagoya. This may be the no.1 reason we're studying in Nagoya.
Your f riend lives in Nagoya?
Takashi: Yes. He is Japanese, and used to be a baseball player for the Chunichi Dragons. After that, he went to Italy and played baseball. Now he is back to Nagoya, and working as a commentator of TV program. I have really good relationship with him since we met. Thanks to him, I have watched baseball games at Nagoya dome last time I came to Nagoya.
Eleonora, you worked at Max Mara in Italy, right? What do you think of Japanese fashion?
Eleonora: I think Japanese enjoy fashion more freely than Italy. We have to think about and stick to TPO (time, place, occasion) in Italy. It is impressive to me that Japanese adopts various fashion culture.
Do you have any advice to the students f rom Western countries who would like to study Japanese?
Takashi: I think that Japanese is difficult language, but learning Japanese is not impossible for us Western people. If you come in contact with Japanese with an open mind, Japanese would treat you with kindness. Living and studying Japanese in Japan is really good opportunity. Eleonora:Now I enjoy Japanese school life very much. There are some difficult things to understand but I concentrate on studying . Now I'm trying very hard!

They recently enjoyed watching a Sumo tournament and are planning to go to a summer festival dressed in yukata. They really seem to be enjoying Japan. We hope they have a memorable time at ECC.